Sparkling Boo Pumpkin

Hello you gorgeous lot, this week I needed some tlc. My first assignment was due today and I’ve had so many other things to do. So I thought I needed a double Lush bath.  I mixed a Halloween classic with a newcomer to make a rich luxurious bath.

I used half of a Sparkling Pumpkin Bubble Bar & half of Boo bath melt. I know there’s a whole one pictured but I couldn’t bare to take a photo of this little guy in half. Sparkling Pumpkin is £3.95 and I normally get four baths out of it but this time I wanted lots of bubbles! It’s lovely and citrusy with lime & grapefruit oil. Plus there’s loads of golden glitter which helps when you need a little sparkle. Boo is a new addition to the Halloween and it smells amazing. It’s packed full of ginger, geranium, mandarin and mimosa oil. Plus there’s the cocoa butter than leaves your skin soft for days. All this for £3.50.  It’s a lovely warning combination that’s earthy but still light. Obviously this works out as a little pricier than my normal bath but it’s definitely worth it. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I got in. So this snap is post bath. There was so many bubbles I had them sat under my chin. I find bubbles bars great but I don’t like being able to see my skin under the water. Boo fixed this by making the orange water more cloudy. Plus I think it may have added to the bubbles. I must admit the scent didn’t stay on my skin for too long. However, it left my brain incredibly relaxed and stopped me from having a breakdown. 

I think was I factor in the fact they’re both limited edition products and smell great, I don’t mind the increased price. It felt so luxurious that I have to give it 4/5 bunnies. 


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