Sunnyside and Pumpkin 

Hello you lovely! I hope you’re enjoying this colder weather and having as many baths as possible. I certainly have, so I thought I’d share my favourite Lush cocktail. 

I used the Pumpkin bath bomb, which is huge. I don’t think it particularly smells of pumpkin but it’s more of a baking scent. There’s definitely a waft of cinnamon and vanilla which is gorgeous. Again it’s more expensive because it’s from the Halloween range but £3.95 isn’t too bad. I combined this about a fifth of Sunnyside. I love this bubble bar as it reminds me of summer until I combined it with Pumpkin and then it felt very wintery. Obviously it adds a lot of glitter and bubbles that you need to cheer up. Sunnyside has a strong citrus scent, so obviously I’m going to like it. I’ve managed to get five baths out of this bar so it’s well worth the £4.95. 

When I added Pumpkin the citrus scents got so much stronger that I think it may include some extra. I was a little disappointed because it sunk all the way to the bottom of the bath. I had to hold it up to get a pretty picture for you. I loved the bright colours and soothing scents.

It was quite a quick bubble, I’d say five minutes max. I was left with this pastel creation. I must admit this was pretty and fun to play with. 

Although the scent hasn’t lingered, I’m writing this just an hour after getting out of the bath, it has left my skin so soft. Plus I feel so chilled out. Overall I’d have to give this combo a 3/5 bunnies, I am disappointed that I don’t smell though. Sunnyside does mean I had to scrub the bath afterwards as well. But I really enjoyed the colours. 




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