I’m back…

Hello lovely! First of all I’m sorry it’s been so long I’ve just started a masters course, and as you know I was already pretty busy! Even more excitingly my Mum has bought a horse so I’ve been spending every spare moment up at the stables too. So I’m really sorry I’ve neglected you, please forgive me.

I thought I’d come back with a classic Lush post. Having waited until this weekend to buy the Christmas range I may have gone over the top and bought the whole bubble bars and bath bombs. I’m a little ashamed but we both know I was going to end up buying it all anyway. If you were wondering what that looks like I’ve popped a picture below.

The first one a decided to try an old favourite, Luxury Lush Pud! 

This guy is pretty big and looks so much fun; definitely what I expect from Lush all colourful. The scent is sort of unusual it’s kind of sweet with maybe a malty undertone.  With lavender, tonka and ylang ylang which gives a calming effect. This is contrasted with a slight citrus note but this was only just enough to stop me from falling asleep in the bath. I felt chilled out for the rest of the day, and so mellow I went to bed stupidly early. Plus it was the best sleep I had in weeks! So really I didn’t mind paying £4.25, it really isn’t that bad for an all singing all dancing huge bath bomb. 

Luxury Lush Pud was beautiful as soon as I put it in. It was very pink at first and I was worried it was a little girlie but I was loving the smell so I persevered. 

I’m so glad I did soon all the little coloured blob separated and made a multicoloured beautiful bath. It wasn’t the strongest smelling bath but I did have plenty of candles lit. This bath bomb didn’t have glitter so I didn’t have to spend ages washing it down afterwards. My skin wasn’t the smoothest it’s been after a Lush bath but I did notice some improvement. 

Overall I’ll have to give this bath bomb 3/5 bunnies. It was pretty, smelt alright and helped me sleep. However I was slightly underwhelmed. Which of Christmas Lush bath bomb should I try next? 




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