Father Christmas 

Hello lovely, I know I’ve had another week away from you! In my defence I’ve been ill, like throwing up until it was just blood and bile. I know I’m such a classy girl. Luckily I managed to revive enough for my first Christmas meal. I always look forward to this one and it didn’t disappoint. I did need help getting in the festive spirit after a week of feeling truly awful, so of course I thought I’d use a Lush bath bomb.

Who else to get you in the Christmas spirit than Father Christmas! How cute is this big bath bomb? I must admit I was disappointed that I’d damaged him but the damage was purely cosmetic. He was another beast of a bath bomb so the £3.75  wasn’t too bad.  Plus it smells amazing incredibly sweet but floral. It’s part of the Snow Fairy scent family, I know it divides opinion but I love it. The scent definitely lingers for awhile so it gave me awhile to get used to the sweetness. 

At first it fixed incredibly quickly and turned the water a beautiful purple colour. I was a little shocked because I didn’t expect such a dark colour from this pastel bath bomb. But I was enjoying the fact that the scent got stronger. Plus there was also plenty of bubbles. 

The biggest shock came next was the water turned bright green. It was amazing and definitely a great twist. Plus the bubbles just get coming, it was amazing. There was so many bubbles I managed to make my own little Father Christmas beard, don’t worry I’ve saved your eyes by not taking a picture. 

It really chilled me out and definitely stopped me from feeling utterly disgusting. I know I’m really selling this bath bomb. Honestly it’s lovely and enhanced by playing Christmas songs that reference Father Christmas. Especially when you chuck in some Christmas candles. It was great and I smelt like a sweet Christmas fairy until the following afternoon.  Overall I’d have to give it a 5/5 bunnies, yes I loved it that much! Which is your favourite from the Christmas range? 




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