My advent calendars 

Hello lovely, I hope you’re feeling Christmassy. I certainly am especially having just spent a couple of days Christmas shopping, wrapping and listening to classic music. However I’m a tad worried I’m rushing the Christmas period away so I thought I’d slow down and enjoy advent! Now I thought the best way to do this is to share my advent calendars with you.

Yankee Candle £25

The first is this old classic for me. I adore candles and have bought the Yankee Candle calendar for the past three years. However I am currently hoping you’re as confused as I was, it took too long to realise there are more windows on the back. You get twenty-three tea lights that come in the following scents; All is bright,  Christmas cocktail, Christmas cookies, Macaroon treats, Snowflake cookies and Star anise and orange. Plus one larger votive Christmas Eve scent candle.

I love how Christmassy these little candles make my bedroom, bathroom and front room feel festive. It’s great to have Christmas scents around the house. Plus its super low maintenance and won’t mean I need to breathe in to look good in Christmas photos because I’ve eaten too much chocolate. I will probably be buying the Yankee Candle advent calendar until my hair goes grey or they stop making them.

Marks and Spencer Beauty Calendar £35 (when you spend £35 in store)

I’m also sharing an M&S beauty calendar with my Mum. We decided we couldn’t justify having another twenty-five products plus the extras that Father Christmas may bring. However, there is definitely a little buzz out of trying out a new product every day. It’s a fun way to explore without feeling you’re tied because you specifically bought this one product. Sort of it’s not my fault I didn’t like it Marks and Spencer chose it for me!

There’s some definite little gems in there such as the John Wood Hair Oil. It stopped my hair from looking fluffy after being cooped up under a hat all morning. My personal favourite is Eyeko liquid eyeliner. It’s a thicker line than The Body Shop’s version. I’m looking forward to The Burts Bee lip balm. A definite advantage of this beauty calendar is all the products are Cruelty Free and if you love them you can pick them up in store later.

Next Year’s Hitlist 

Next December I’m going to finally bite the bullet and buy The Body Shop £60 beauty advent calendar. I’ll probably choose the cheapest option. You get a different product each year and of course it’s all Cruelty Free!

Let me know in the comments which calendars you’re using this year in the comments.




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