Bunny Busters Cruelty Free Guide


Hey, if you’re anything like me you currently have a note in your phone listing at least twenty-five cosmetics companies that are Cruelty Free. Which is okay until you stumble across a new brand and you’ve no idea if they test on animals or not and you don’t exactly have the time for an in-depth google. Which leaves me feeling stressed and sometimes a little disappointed that I had to leave that eyeliner behind because I just wasn’t sure. It’s less than ideal and a situation I increasingly find myself in.  I know I’m not alone because I frequently end up chatting to other Cruelty Free shoppers who aren’t sure about certain brands.

Now I know I could download one of the hundred apps to help however they either just offer a huge overwhelming list or are only good for the American shopper. But what about us poor UK based bunny lovers?

Bunny Busters is a Cruelty Free checker that you can use in store. It works by scanning the barcode of the product then giving you instant feedback. Bunny Buster uses a traffic light system to rate the product to give you quick easy to digest information.


Red means, unfortunately, this company tests on animals, so you might not want to buy that lipstick. The red bunny  may make you think twice before buying that MAC foundation. Companies that have yet to make their Cruelty Free status, such as Seventeen, are likely to appear here to which should hopefully encourage more brands to clarify.


Yellow means the company doesn’t test on animals, however, their parent company, so you’re looking at likes of Body Shop.


Green means go for it these guys love animals and certainly don’t test on them so the likes of Lush and Barry M.

If you want even more info check out the video below…

Bunny Busters is the only current app available in the iOS and Android app stores that offers both a scanning and rating system for cosmetics in the UK market. There are currently two forms of the app the first has ads but if you’re finding them too much there is a paid version Bunny Busters Pro. The app works by feeding off other Cruelty Free databases such as PETA, Cruelty-Free International but also includes companies such as Lush who run their own Cruelty Free schemes. Plus, by scanning the barcode it means you don’t have to scroll through a massive list just to find one company.  It really speeds up the shopping process whilst leaving you free to explore more brands.

I love Bunny Busters makes going Cruelty Free even easier. This means that there’s really no excuse to get your lazy friends involved. We know that you don’t have to pay the earth for Cruelty Free products, but I must admit I’m sometimes put off trying new things because I’m sure if they’re bunny friendly. Hopefully Bunny Busters will be successful as it is super easy to use and there is a free option too. Why should we hold off trying new things until we see the brand on a blog we trust, or PETA’s official list or even go to the effort of emailing a company to find out first? It’s simple we shouldn’t. If you’re anything like me you won’t leave the house without your phone, and if it’s a long day I’ll take my charging block. So, it’s simple just scan the barcode and find out there and then. No waiting and plenty more products.

Bunny Busters is available in the Apple AppStore and the Goggle Play Store

Why not try Bunny Buster  today for more makeup and less stress.

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