Magic Wand! 

Hello lovely, I’m back with another Lush review. Of course I’m looking at yet another product from the Christmas range. This time I’m looking at a reusable bubble bar. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this bad boy, I’d tried Santasaurus and was massively disappointed. In fact so rubbish I didn’t even write a blog about it! However this time it was magical!

Magic wand isn’t the largest. But given the novelty of twirling around the bath I can understand the £5.95. It smells incredibly sweet so I was surprised I liked it. Although my boyfriend absolutely hates it, luckily we’re long distance so I can use it lots. Lush reckon it smells of candy floss but the best I can describe it is just super sweet bubblegum. 

Obviously the lustre completely disappeared as soon as it got wet. On the upside the bell was amazing and definitely made me feel like a fairy princess. I may have enjoyed prancing around a little too much. This bubble bar must be magical because I’m certainly not girlie girl but I was a true fairy princess that night. I think the pink Snowflake tea light may have helped. It was great wooshing the wand around and it didn’t take long to get great bubbles.

Of course the bath water turned a beautiful pink colour. The bubbles dispersed evenly unlike some of the traditional bubble bars. It took five minutes to get this level of bubbles, which is amazing.

Overall it was great fun and wonderfully girlie but most importantly super easy. I like the fact I can reuse the wand without having to put any aside. Plus I can see that I’m going to get at least four baths out of Magic Wand. The only downside is that some people find it a little too sweet and the loss of sparkles after the first bath. Therefore I’d have to Magic Wand 4.5/5 bunnies. 

Let me know in comments which is your favourite of the wands! 




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