My perfect night in

Hello lovely, I know the festive season is all about socialising but sometimes you just need some me time. I knew I had an early morning on Saturday so I treated myself on Friday night. It was all about pampering. 

The bath 

Of course all good pamper nights begin with a bath. Obviously you know I have plenty of Lush products to choose from but, I finally settled on Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar. It has an unusual yet Christmassy scent. Sort of floral, orange and cinnamon. Plus I think it helped that I had a Christmas Cocktail Yankee candle to match. The bubble bar is a little harder to crumble than other bars but delivers on the bubble front. I only used half a bar and still ended up with plenty of bubbles and beautiful red water. I popped my pjs on the radiator so they were warm once I got out. 

Setting the mood

Once I was back in my room I light all my candles. This is just one little section, I have enough scattered round my room to lit the space properly. I love how cosy they make my room feel. Perfect for helping you kick back and relax. 

Little beauty admin 

If you’re anything like me you paint your nails then slowly watch them peel off. I always put off changing my polish. You Drive Me Navy looked beautiful when I also at a Christmas party but felt a bit too dark for everyday. I used this time to remove it and replace with Mani Mask. This helped combat the hideous stain around my nails. Plus it put me in a proper girlie mood. 

The next job was to take care of my lips. Winter and stress has be constantly butting my lips. I used E.L.F clear lip scrub. It tastes like chocolate and is super easy to apply because it’s lipstick shaped. Then I applied Malibu mint flavour lipcare. You know I adore M&S lip balm but unfortunately they like to run and hide. The Malibu isn’t as effective but it does the job and has spf cover. 

Skin care

First I used The Body Shop, Aloe Vera toner. It’s the only toner I’ve  found that doesn’t leave my skin all red and sore. 

Next I applied their Aloe Eye Defence cream in hope of it counteracting the nights of leaving make up on. Then I used Lush’s Sleepy body lotion. It has glitter and lavender which makes me feel relaxed and special. 

Finally it’s time to take care of my hands and feet. I used The Body Shop hand cream with their moisture gloves and socks. The socks definitely work but I’m not sold on the gloves yet. 

Treat yourself! 

Finally I broke out the snacks including the Graze chocolate pretzel dip, some popcorn and Whittards white chocolate hot chocolate. Whilst continuing my Gilmore Girls Netflix binge. 

I hope you enjoyed my little evening. Let me know in the comments how you like to relax!



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