Shoot for the Stars

Hello lovely, I’ve stupidly decided to decorate my bedroom mere weeks before Christmas; so I’m crazily busy. That’s why I didn’t post on Friday so sorry about that. 

My room is currently a complete mess and I can’t really cope. So it was vital to find something calming and beautiful. So I chose Shoot for the Stars from Lush’s Christmas range. 

I may have chosen this one as I’m currently painting my bedroom a deep blue, and I’m a sucker for anything blue. Plus look at those beautiful gold stars! Then I smelt Shoot for the Stars and I knew it would be perfect. There’s a strong hit of cocoa which is very calming plus uplifting citrusy notes. I adored the scent.  It was a mid sized bath bomb so £4.25 didn’t seem too extortionate. 

As soon as I popped this beauty in my bath I knew I’d made the right choice. My anxiety melted away as the water turned deep blue. Especially as the scent grew stronger and the cocoa had me chilled out in no time. 

I began to feel more refreshed once the little gold stars broke from the blue orb. It was like being in my own personal night sky. Then I noticed all the glitter like tiny gold stars in the navy water. 

Basically I think this bath bomb is beautiful and I’m trying to cram as many photos in as possible! It smelt heavenly and left my skin so smooth I couldn’t stop stroking my arms. Plus it left me so sparkly and feeling wonderfully festive. As with all Lush glitter bath products I had to hose down the bath. 

However I’d still Shoot for the Stars 5/5 bunnies. I’m desperately hoping Father Christmas might bring me  another one! Which is your favourite Lush Christmas product? 




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