Never mind the ballistics 

Hello lovely, I hope you getting ready for Christmas! I’ve got another Lush review for you. This one this from the Christmas range but not particularly Christmassy. 

Never mind the ballistics bath bomb. It sort of looks like a huge rhubarb and custard. It smells great incredibly fruity and fun. Again it’s limited and huge so I didn’t suffer too badly from sticker shock. 

When I first popped the bath bomb it didn’t exactly bubble. It was more of a foam than anything. The scent didn’t get any stronger but was pleasantly noticeable. 

The outside of the bath bomb is half oil melt and half exposed bath bomb. Obviously the oil was great for my skin leaving it perfectly smooth. However it did take ages for the oil to melt away completely, and I was sat there just waiting for something to happen. 

Once it had finally melted a bright pink foam appeared. Although it wasn’t exactly mind blowing. It was sort of never mind the ballistics because they never happened. The water turned a lovely bright orange and it smelt great. My skin was left incredibly soft and smelling great. Plus the oil didn’t leave a stain round the tub. 

I hate it when a Lush product doesn’t meet my expectations. It’s strange it smelt amazing and the water looked pretty but it just didn’t do anything exciting. I know not every bath bomb is for everyone but I thought this was a definite flop for me. Overall I’d have to give Never Mind the Ballistics a measly 1/5 bunnies. Let me know how you found this bath bomb in the comments!  Did I get a duff? 

Have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully I’ll get something up before New Years Eve! 




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