Where have I been?

Hello lovely, I feel like I owe you an explanation. I’ve been so busy in my life I’ve left you out of the loop so here’s what I’ve been up to during my time away. 



The biggest part of my time away has been holidaying. I was lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year in Mauritius. It is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. It was great to get some sun, it’s really helped me through the grey. I got to see so much of the island; Port Louis (the capital), an old plantation, tea tasting, the highest point, the market. Basically the only part we left unexplored was the east of the island. We ended up getting upgraded to the adults only part of the resort, which meant it was super relaxing. 

This is the view from my room. Once you got further down the beach it was perfect white sands. What I didn’t know was that the sand is incredibly rough but worth it to look at all the tropical fish. I ate beautiful food everyday and swam, kayaked in the Indian Ocean. My favourite memory was definitely riding a horse into the sea. I didn’t account for the bareback ride in a bikini which hurt like hell. 


Although nowhere near has glamorous or warm as Mauritius this place holds a special place in my heart. It’s where my gorgeous boyfriend lives so it’s great to be there. When I go to Sheffield I usually end up staying at least four days. I like it because it helps me feel like we’re a normal couple not a LDR girlfriend. I always end up calmer and happier. 


My bedroom

I inherited the bigger bedroom when my brother left home. But this meant it came with a terracotta and cream colour scheme. Originally this wasn’t too bad I added some red floral wallpaper and it felt like my own. However since moving back home after uni it just didn’t feel like me. I love blue and wanted a homely feel. So it ended up like this…

My room has another alcove that needs finishing off but hopefully you’ll see that soon. I also need to recover a couple of surfaces and I want to repaint my dressing table and drawers. 

The front room 

This room hasn’t been redecorated for as long as I can remember, so we’re talking over 20 years. But finally my parents decided it was time. The only photos I have are from Christmas 3 years ago. 

It’s not the best decor picture but you can see the dated wallpaper and the best before sofa. There’s also a red carpet that has faded to dusty pink.  

Now we’ve gone for another blue room, as you can probably guess we love blue. We fell in love with this wallpaper even though it’s incredibly twee. Again it was important it was cosy and homely. I’m really happy with the result. The room feels much more modern but has a great classic feel. 

Me time 


Of course I’ve had lots of baths. I’ve included pictures of my favourites. As soon as I saw Satsuma I needed it. It felt amazing like Brightside. My boyfriend got definite brownie points for buying me this one. I found Error 404 an unexpected favourite. It felt the water that gorgeous blue but made the water all gold and pretty first. I also loved the scent of the apple bath bomb. I can’t remember what it was called, maybe So White? It was unexpectedly pretty and smelt so good. Last but not least was the Christmas penguin bubble bar. It was the best bubble creator that I’ve ever used! I’m hoping to find a yearlong replacement; so if you’ve got any recommendations I’d be grateful. 

Family time 

I’ve spent a fair amount of time up at the stables. This beautiful lady is Star she’s still young but we’re working hard and learning together. We recently had a jumping lesson with Joe Whittaker, I was incredibly nervous at first but we improved so much. Now it’s just me that’s letting the side down!The other lovely lady is my mum, who very kindly lets me ride her horse. 


Finally I’m back at uni! As you’ve probably guessed I’m mainly writing this post to prevent me from writing my report. The good news is this means you’ll get more posts. 

But right now I should really get on with this assignment. I hope you understand where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting as often. 



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