My favourite bath bomb from the Valentines range 2017

Hello there m’lovely. It’s that time in my course when I get super stressed because I have looming deadlines and not enough time. So I took some me time to try out some of the Lush Valentines range. My favourite bath bomb surprised me as I didn’t think it would be up to much, but it was so relaxing! The winner is…. Lover Lamp.

Admittedly my favourite way is to use Unicorn Horn at the same time. These two don’t look like much but I think they’re a great combination. For the perfect bath I used the top eighth of the bubble bar; which is sort of where that yellow line appears on the blue section. 

That gave the bath a nice start on the bubble front. Plus it made the room smell incredibly floral, probably because Unicorn Horn is packed full of Lavender and Ylang Ylang there’s also some Neroli Oil in there too. It’s hardly surprising that with that mix I was already felling pretty chilled. 

Then I added the Lover Lamp bath bomb, which turned the water a lovely milky white. For my 12th Birthday my best friend bought me a bath milk that smelt so great and left my skin super soft; Lover Lamp reminded me so much of the bath milk. I love how understated and calling it is. There’s a mainly Vanilla and Cocoa Butter smell but I think there’s some citrus in there too. 

It doesn’t do anything spectacular to the water but Lover Lamp isn’t about being showing. It does release these cute little red bath oil hearts which don’t stain the bath like Lava Lamp. It does turn the water a blancmange pink colour but overall it’s just lovely. 

I must admit I have stocked up once and will probably do again for Valentine’s Day. Overall I have to give Lover Lamp 5/5 bunnies. Which is your favourite Valentine’s Bath Bomb? 




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