One year on

blogtyHello lovely, so today marks the one-year anniversary of starting this blog! I can hardly believe so much time has passed.

This time last year I was a recent Graduate who was struggling to find a job, and generally just struggling. I started this blog to give my life some sort of purpose other than endlessly applying for jobs. I was so frustrated with a lack of purpose in my life. The only things that really kept me getting out of bed were planning for Cub meetings and the two days a week I went riding.

Oh boy! how times have changed. I’m now so busy I often find myself forgetting to upload or even write the blog. Now a year later I’m studying for a Masters degree, I’m now the main Cub Leader and I finally own a horse. Yes, I know just how privileged I am and I feel the need to say thank you every day. The only area I feel I need to improve is this blog.  Which if I’m honest makes me feel super guilty after what it and you have helped me achieve. It has encouraged me to try new things and share my passions. I’ve grown so much more confident, I mean I’ve actually started loving DIY. This may sound ridiculous to you, however, when I was younger I had real difficulty working how a net for a cube works so believe me this is a massive achievement. It has also allowed me to develop my writing hopefully, I don’t come across as nervous as I use to. Plus it has given me an excuse to indulge in a whole lotta Lush.

So I guess I just want to let you know what I have planned for the next year. I really want to become more reliable in my uploading. This does mean I will be going down to one post a week but there will be a post EVERY WEEK! Hopefully, this means the quality of my posts will improve as I will be pouring my heart and soul into it. I hope you understand that I’m doing this to make sure you’re getting the best of me. If you’re loony enough to want more from me you can still find me on Twitter (@formyfollowers) or Instagram (@formyphotos). I also want to say THANK YOU whether this is your first post or you’ve been here from the start. I hope you’ll be here in another 12 months time.



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