Embracing my Pesci side! 

Hello my lovely I hope you’re having a good week. I’ve decided this lent I’m giving up meat, well not all meat I’m still eating fish. So instead of full blown Vegetarian I’m going to Pescatarian. I’ve always like the sound of the challenge especially as I’m a bit meat eater. That’s why I knew I’d fail if I tried to go full veggie straightaway. 


I did ALOT of research before starting this. One thing I learnt from preparation blogs is that you need to clarify your reasons for doing this. My boiled down to three main reasons:

  1. The challenge- how difficult can it be element? 
  2. Reduce my carbon footprint.
  3. To become more conscious about what I’m actually eating. 

When I was at Uni during my final year I ate meat maybe twice a week max. This was mainly down to being lazy, and forgetting to get meat out of the freezer. I suppose it was easier as I lived with a veggie and didn’t have a lot of money so it was cheaper to reduce meat. 

I’m constantly trying to be more green. I’ve recycled more, cut down on plastics and use less fuel. When I looked into how much carbon dioxide animal farming produces, I was shocked. I guessed if I could reduce my input it’d make me feel a lot better. 

I’ve become fairly lazy and lax about what I eat. My waistline is starting to expand. While there’s nothing wrong with that, for me it wasn’t making me happy. Plus I’m trying to generally improve my fitness so I need to put the right fuel in. While cutting out all meat expect fish may seem an extreme way of doing this, it gave me the kick I needed. 


Before I started I decided I knew I needed an action plan. I was ever going to manage it if I didn’t have at least some quick ideas. So I devised a meal plan to help me through Lent. When I was at Uni I use to plan 1 month at a time. However, it was so much harder than I thought! I was left deflated about the task ahead. In retrospect I wasn’t willing to repeat meals. The plan was:

  • Wednesday Vegan
  • Thursday Try something new
  • Friday Fishy
  • Saturday Sloppy comfort food
  • Sunday Traditional 
  • Monday 
  • Tuesday 

Week One


I didn’t get off to the best start as I was incredibly ill. So I didn’t actually eat until Thursday Lunch time. I have Wheatabix Banana Minis with some semi-skimmed milk. I was so grateful to be eating again it tasted amazing. It was a teeny meal but it was great. Then for tea I had half a Morrisons cheese and broccoli pasta packet. I’ve always been a fan of the Bachelor’s version but I was trying to save money. However, I wish I’d spent the other 34p. Later I devoured a packet of Walkers Salt and Vinegar crisps and a popping candy Fredo. So I know it isn’t the healthiest but I’m still recovering and wanted comfort food. 


Friday I felt a teeny bit better, so was ready for more food. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get out of bed until the afternoon. I had Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps for lunch with a glass of Fanta. I’m counting the Fanta as a positive as it’s great for rehydration. Then for dinner I had Scampi and chips, with buttered white bread. Again not the healthiest meal but I just needed comfort food. This was my first portion of meat since Monday and I was ready for it. At the moment it’s only difficult when I see my Parents eating something particularly tasty, or one of my favourites. 


Saturday was the day I’d been waiting for. I got up a lot earlier to go to the Stables, but I felt too unwell for Breakfast. Then I had some of Tesco’s vegan cheese on toast with cubed beetroot. I’m trying to embrace more dairy alternatives however, Tesco’s vegan cheese is hideous. It tastes of plastic. I much prefer Sainsbury’s vegan cheese which seems creamier. Then for dinner I got to live out my veggie American Dinner dream. I had two Tesco’s veggie hotdogs, with homemade veggie chili and curly fries. It was amazing and didn’t feel like I was just substituting meat, if anything it tasted better! 



It was the first day I finally had breakfast in ages. I had a banana and chocolate muller corner. Which is a personal favourite for me, especially as it reminds me of rushing before going to school. Then I had Morrisons posh tomato and basil fresh soup. I always buy tinned but as my Mum was buying she wanted the fresh stuff. It was quite nice but nothing too special my favourite soups are definitely from Sainsbury’s. So you’ll see a selection of those throughout Lent. Then I polished off the rest of the Cheese and Broccoli pasta. This was incredibly hard to enjoy as my parents were tucking into a gorgeous chicken stew. 


Breakfast two days in a row, I feel like Superwoman. I had Frosted Shreddies because I’m a slightly overgrown child. I love to have a variety pack in so I don’t get bored. I find most of the time I skip breakfast it’s because I’m bored of my choices. Then for lunch I had a cheese and onion pasty because I seem unable to go more than theee weeks without a pasty. Dinner was so much easier as Mum joined me in my veggie quest. We had Tesco’s ‘Chicken’ Kiev with creamy mash and peas. 


Today I skipped breakfast again, because I’m a terrible human being. However I more than made up for it at Lunch. I was super hungry so managed a whopping two crepes. I had a passion fruit smoothie as well. My savoury was Cheese and Mushroom because I asked for without Avocado. I followed this with a sweet crepe which had Banana, Strawberry and Nutella. 

I was left incredibly full until about quarter to eight, so only a smaller dinner. I used up the leftover Chilli from Saturday. I served with over Curly Fries and grated cheese, with a Garlic Bread Slice. Again not super healthy but I am eating much smaller portions than I normally do. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little food diary. It’s definitely helped me stick to the no meat but fish rule. Surprisingly Tuesday was the easiest when I was eating out. I thought it may be diffuse but the crepe place had plenty of options. 

Let me know if you want me to continue this diary. I found it quite fun but a little embarrassing to take photos of my food. Hopefully I’ll get more confident and my next diary will look prettier!



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