Transitional Style

Hello you wonderful bunch. I hope you’re having a great week and making the most of the end of Summer! I don’t know about you but I could do with the weather making it’s mind up, and preferably on the sunny side. Don’t get me wrong I adore Winter, but I’m not ready to give […]

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Airport Style

Hello my lovelies, some of you may have remembered that I’ve recently been on holiday. In fact I’m currently writing this on a sun lounger overlooking the pool! I love traveling; I even enjoy the uninterrupted hours on a plane where I can just sit back and catch up on Podcasts. However I loathe trying […]

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Easy hair for busy lives 

Hello my lovelies, as you know by now I’m nearly always busy but that doesn’t mean I just let my hair flop. However I’m not going to spend more than ten minutes on my hair, in fact most days it’s more like five minutes. So I thought I’d share my week of  favourite hairstyles.  Day […]

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Lets make an effort 

Hello you wonderful ladies, it’s a quick one this week as I’m currently battling a stomach bug. There’s little things that can cheer me up when I’m ill, but naps and planning outfits do just that. I didn’t think you’d enjoy a post about my love of naps so I thought I’d share my favourite […]

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The prettiest sun protection 

Hello my sunbeams, I’ve had a pretty good week mainly because of the Summery weather and good company. However with all this sun comes lots of chances for sunburn. The battle between my pale skin and the sun is real, I have ginger hair so I’m paranoid about burning. As I’ve already stupidly been burnt […]

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What’s in my wash bag? 

Hello my lovelies, as you know I’m always busy and this is mainly due to my volunteer work with Cub Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh scheme. In fact last week I didn’t have a day to myself because I was so busy getting ready for a Cub camp and St George’s Day Parade. However I […]

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A necklace after my own heart  

Hello you wonderful lot, today we’re going to look at my favourite birthday present. Now I realise this makes me sound super ungrateful for everything else I got but honestly I’m not! I have just wanted a simple gorgeous necklace for years. I always thought gold wouldn’t suit me because of my ginger hair and […]

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What’s in my bag? 

   Hello my lovelies, I’m trying something a little different this week. I hope you like it, if you’re anything like me you love nosing into other people’s lives so you should love this. As you’ve probably guessed I’m doing the what’s in my bag that a thousand other bloggers have tried but hey i […]

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