Never mind the ballistics 

Hello lovely, I hope you getting ready for Christmas! I’ve got another Lush review for you. This one this from the Christmas range but not particularly Christmassy.  Never mind the ballistics bath bomb. It sort of looks like a huge rhubarb and custard. It smells great incredibly fruity and fun. Again it’s limited and huge […]

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Shoot for the Stars

Hello lovely, I’ve stupidly decided to decorate my bedroom mere weeks before Christmas; so I’m crazily busy. That’s why I didn’t post on Friday so sorry about that.  My room is currently a complete mess and I can’t really cope. So it was vital to find something calming and beautiful. So I chose Shoot for […]

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Magic Wand! 

Hello lovely, I’m back with another Lush review. Of course I’m looking at yet another product from the Christmas range. This time I’m looking at a reusable bubble bar. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from this bad boy, I’d tried Santasaurus and was massively disappointed. In fact so rubbish I didn’t even write a blog […]

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Father Christmas 

Hello lovely, I know I’ve had another week away from you! In my defence I’ve been ill, like throwing up until it was just blood and bile. I know I’m such a classy girl. Luckily I managed to revive enough for my first Christmas meal. I always look forward to this one and it didn’t […]

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Mistletoe bath bomb 

Hello lovely,  I apologise if you’re not ready for Christmas yet but I’m just a big kid. I’ve already bought and wrapped all my presents. So I’m warning you now that this is a review of one of Lush’s Christmas range! I’ve gone for the Mistletoe bath bomb.  I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure of […]

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I’m back…

Hello lovely! First of all I’m sorry it’s been so long I’ve just started a masters course, and as you know I was already pretty busy! Even more excitingly my Mum has bought a horse so I’ve been spending every spare moment up at the stables too. So I’m really sorry I’ve neglected you, please […]

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