My advent calendars 

Hello lovely, I hope you’re feeling Christmassy. I certainly am especially having just spent a couple of days Christmas shopping, wrapping and listening to classic music. However I’m a tad worried I’m rushing the Christmas period away so I thought I’d slow down and enjoy advent! Now I thought the best way to do this […]

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Facemask for sunburn?

Hello you beautiful lot, I hope you’re well and having a lovely week. Now this is a bit of an embarrassing post. I’m ginger and pretty pale, so I’m quite sun adverse. However I’ve been to a couple of country shows during this challenge weather and unfortunately I’ve got burnt. This makes me feel like […]

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Piñata Colada Body Sorbet

Hello lovely, first of all sorry for the lack of posts recently I’ve been crazy busy. I traveled to see family last Friday and only got back late on Monday so couldn’t get my posts in order. Sorry about that.  Now let’s crack on, I’m not an alcoholic but I do love a good cocktail. […]

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Ickle Baby Bot

Hello you wonderful lot! I’ve been super busy recently with family and Cub commitments. So I’ve needed a little help switching off.  So I picked up this little guy. Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, it’s got a lovely subtle lavender scent. There’s also notes of chamomile and sandalwood. So it’s relaxing, calming and uplifting.  Also […]

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The Sacred Truth

Hello there you beautiful lot, it’s time for another of my occasional facemask posts! Yes I know originally I said they’d be weekly but I just can’t find the time so now they’re sort of monthly. This time my skin is being a little rough on my right cheekbone and forehead. As usual I have […]

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Chocolate for my face?

Hello lovelies, so I haven’t been keeping up to date with my face mask routine. However when my boyfriend asked me if I had a cold, and it was just patch skin I thought I should probably have another bash. So at the moment I’m quite run down and it’s definitely showing in my skin.  […]

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